The name of the club shall be the Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada.
The area of operation of the Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada shall be Canada

The Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada shall work in co-operation with the Canadian Kennel Club, and shall act as the National Parent Club for the breed in Canada, and may further affiliate itself with any and all local and regional St. Bernard club, Working Group and Working/Herding Group clubs operating in Canada.

The purpose and objectives of the Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada shall be, the development, promotion and improvement of purebred Saint Bernard in Canada, by:

  1. Educating the breed’s fanciers, the general public and those persons licensed to judge the breed in conformation.
  2. Encouraging and promoting sound breeding practices, responsible ownership and proper care and maintenance of the breed.
  3. The Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada may hold only one national event per year. If an annual National Specialty event is held, it may not be held in the same region on consecutive years, unless no other region wishes to hold the event. The regions being B.C., Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, Atlantic Provinces, Yukon/NWT and Nunavut.
  4. Publishing a Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada Newsletter a minimum of four times yearly – around March, June, September and December.

Every member of this Club agrees that he/she shall be subject to disciplinary action for any conduct that constitutes a violation of his/her duties and obligations as stated in the Constitution. No person shall be absolved from the effect of the Constitution or on any allegation of not having received them, or of ignorance of their contents or meaning.